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"Who's the Dog Here"

Anna Veriki

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"Who's the Dog Here"
Oil on canvas
29 1/2" x 39 1/3"

Veriki’s work is an exploration of primordiality, a concept she defines as the essence of beginnings, elemental configurations, and uncomplicated sentiments—unadulterated by the complexities of circumstance. For Veriki, primordiality is a subject that can be clearly divided into black and white.

Foundational to Veriki’s work is her use of animal imagery, which she instills with virtues of sincerity and childlike innocence, while the portrayal of her own physicality serves as an embodiment of openness and sensitivity. Veriki emphasizes that her self-representation goes far beyond simple portraiture; nudity, for her, functions as both literal and metaphorical language, probing layers of profound emotional vulnerability and raw authenticity.

In her carefully considered execution, Veriki employs a monochromatic palette, employing stark contrasts to underscore her narrative, while punctuating her compositions with vibrant strokes of red. It is through this contrast that Veriki’s work hums with immediacy, a transference of expressive, raw emotion from her rich internal topography to her canvas. Indeed, the vibrant red hues she employs serve as active agents, heightening the intensity of her visual narrative and accentuating the resonance of her work. Through her work, Veriki extends an invitation for audiences to explore their own vulnerabilities and join alongside her on this reflective journey.