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"Memory Field"

Megan Aline

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"Memory Field"
Acrylic & oil on panel
36" x 36"

Megan Aline’s realistic landscapes capture the movement of light, water, and trees that echo her childhood in Maine. This series features feminine silhouettes reminiscent of 19th-century cameos, but instead of black silhouettes, the profiles are filled with serene, wooded scenes that convey otherworldly beauty.

Megan says, "As an artist, I spend a lot of time reflecting inwardly as I paint outwardly. I like the idea that we have an ‘inner landscape,’ a map created from emotions, ideas, and sensations collected throughout our lives."

Megan Aline grew up in Thomaston, Maine. In this small, mid-coast Maine town, Aline, as a child, was able to take classes at the Farnsworth Art Museum, rub elbows with American Realists Andrew and Jamie Wyeth and photographers from the Maine Photographic Workshop, including John Paul Capinagro. With family lineage including the classical realist, William Davis, Aline was raised with a broad liberal arts education. At the college level, she complemented the humanistic study of literature and art with the practical skills of business administration while attending the Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela, Regent's College in London and receiving her BFA from the University of New Hampshire.

Art became even more of a central focus in Aline's life when she married hyper-realist Robert Lange, a renowned artist sharing her New England heritage. The two learned and practiced fundamental artistic techniques while Lange completed his education at Rhode Island School of Design. After moving to South Carolina in 2003, the couple opened a Fine Art Gallery and much of Aline's time was spent in an administrative role. However, her natural and unique talent became quickly self-evident, and she began painting along side her husband. After five years of working with Lange, Aline decided to focus exclusively on developing her own style.

Aline has chosen to explore the theme of serene motion on land and water in several of the series she has produce thus far. The technique of creating motion with brush strokes in a calm nature scene represents much of the childhood nostalgia that simultaneously fascinate her - such as time, nature, recreation, and light. Painting also provides a source of identification for Aline, as it displays the same nuances as many of her own childhood activities exploring the woods of Maine.  Aline's images indicate that a precision of detail and an attention to form are as important as the easy grace and melodious balance of the overall composition.

Aline's series have been enthusiastically collected by several private and public collectors across the country and she recently, in 2023, won the coveted award of excellence at the “American Women Artists” annual exhibition.