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"Lost Head"

Piotr Szczur

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"Lost Head"
Oil on canvas
47" x 47"

"The trip to the USA that I made in 2015 had a significant impact on my work. I changed the style and theme of my paintings. On Route 66, I felt a freedom that redefined my art. American culture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me - both in terms of the subject and the search for new formal solutions. My favorite frame for my paintings is 1:1. This is currently the only restriction I have imposed on myself."

Piotr Szczur is an experienced Polish painter who has exhibited his work internationally. Heavily influenced by the beauty of the American landscape, his Americana series 'Made in USA' takes the viewer from small roadside bars to vast national parks, vivid natural colors of the skies to the artificial neon glow of gas stations. Szczur ultimately seeks to extract essence from reality, achieving an overall artistic signature marked by a balance of energy and control.